closure-calculus.plt(1 0)dvanhorn
An aplicative order reduction semantics for the lambda-rho-hat calculus of closures.
 finite-types.plt(1 1)dvanhorn
Enumerated and finite types and sets facility.
 flickr.plt(1 0)dvanhorn
A Scheme wrapper for the Flickr web service.
 grammar.plt(1 3)dvanhorn
Datum grammar acceptors, a syntax for constructing acceptor procedures for a given context-free grammar.
 r4rs-compiler.plt(1 0)dvanhorn
Compiling Scheme Workshop (1996) expository Scheme compiler.
 r6rs-expander-vantonder.plt(3 2)6.0.2 (12-27-07)dvanhorn
Portable expander for R6RS macros and libraries.
 record-case.plt(1 1)dvanhorn
Record-case, a simple list deconstruction syntax used in the Compiling Scheme Workshop (1996) expository Scheme compiler.
 srfi-53.plt(1 0)dvanhorn
SRFI 53: Syntactic computations with computation-rules, reference implementation written by Andre van Tonder and transcribed to work with MzScheme and SchemeUnit.
 tetris.plt(1 1)dvanhorn
 time-expand.plt(1 0)dvanhorn
This collection provides utilities for timing macro invocation and expansion, analogous to the MzScheme utilities for collecting timing information on procedure application and evaluation.

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