bit-io.plt(2 0)2soegaardBit IO

This package provides the operations for reading and writing bits from and to files.

 control.plt(1 2)1.1soegaardControl Structures

This package provides the control structures while, until, dotimes, and tagged-begin. The tagged-begin contruct is a 'begin with labels and goto'.

 digest.plt(1 2)1.2soegaardMessage digest algorithms (md5, sha1, ...) from libcrypto. Incremental calculation supported.
 disk.plt(2 0)soegaardA library of disk functions. For now sorting of large files.
 evector.plt(1 1)1.1soegaardExtensible vectors are a low level, resizeable data structure resembling normal Scheme vectors.
 galore.plt(3 6)soegaardA library of functional data structures
 gzip.plt(2 1)2.0soegaardProvides gzip compression and decompression via zlib.
 listit.plt(1 0)1.0soegaardAn small Reddit-like web-application
 math.plt(1 5)1.5soegaardLarge collection of number theory functions.
 sicp.plt(1 1)soegaardThe SICP Picture Language.
 sqlite.plt(1 2)1.3soegaardWrite SQL statements as S-expressions.
 srfi.plt(2 1)2.1soegaard

SRFI Extensions

This package provides extensions to:

SRFI 42- Eager comprehensions: Extra generators :match, :plt-match, :let-value, :pairs, :do-until, and others

 stylesheet.plt(1 0)0.1soegaardA DrScheme language level for writing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
 syntax.plt(1 0)1soegaardPretty printing of expanded syntax. Provides unexpand and pp-syntax.
 web.plt(2 1)2.1soegaardA mini web framework for module based servlets.

 Open tickets
Ticket IdComponentReporterTypeVersion
280soegaard/bit-io.pltrik.vanmechelen@…defect(2 0)
eof error
175soegaard/srfi.pltcobbedefect(2 1)
srfi.plt does not install cleanly due to error in
214soegaard/galore.pltSam THdefect
scribble warnings
217soegaard/sicp.pltebellani@…defect(2 1)
segments->painter return is failing on being passed to paint
242soegaard/digest.pltDavid Brown <plt@…>defect(1 2)
Digest contexts are leaked.
433soegaard/sicp.pltozzloydefect(2 1)
install complains
1462soegaard/sicp.plti@…defect(2 1)
transform-painter fails on non-rectangle configuration
195soegaard/math.pltcarolynoates@…defect(1 4)
prime? of neg. number doesn't end