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Package describe.plt contributed by williams [docs]
To load: (require (planet williams/describe:1:5/describe))
Old style:(require (planet "describe.rkt" ("williams" "describe.plt" 1 5)))
Min Racket version: 5.0
Package description:
This library provides routines to describe Racket objects.
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(1 5)
To load: (require (planet "describe.rkt" ("williams" "describe.plt" 1 (= 5))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
The function float->string is now exported. It was also extended to support big floats from the Math Library. Note that descriptions of big floats do not include the exact decimal value because of the possibility of extremely large value exhausting memory.
(1 4)
To load: (require (planet "describe.rkt" ("williams" "describe.plt" 1 (= 4))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Added support for extflonums and big floats (from math/bigfloat). Added exact decimal values for inexact reals (floats including extflonums, but not big floats). Added some demonstration code for floating point numbers.
(1 3)
To load: (require (planet "describe.rkt" ("williams" "describe.plt" 1 (= 3))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Fixed the check for not-a-number.
(1 2)
To load: (require (planet "describe.rkt" ("williams" "describe.plt" 1 (= 2))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Added Scribble documentation.
(1 1)
To load: (require (planet "[file]" ("williams" "describe.plt" 1 (= 1))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Updated to Racket naming conventions.
(1 0)
To load: (require (planet "" ("williams" "describe.plt" 1 (= 0))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Initial release of describe. There is no documentation as yet,but just (require (planet williams/describe/describe)) and then(describe <anything>). For example:>(describe (sqrt 10))3.1622776601683795 is an inexact positive real number