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Package functional-command.plt contributed by cobbe [docs]
To load: (require (planet cobbe/functional-command:1:1))
Old style:(require (planet "main.rkt" ("cobbe" "functional-command.plt" 1 1)))
Min Racket version: 5.1
Package description:
A purely-functional command-line parser, with support for SVN-style command lines.
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Primary files:
[no interface available]
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(1 1)
To load: (require (planet "main.rkt" ("cobbe" "functional-command.plt" 1 (= 1))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Added explicit copyright and license information.
(1 0)
To load: (require (planet "main.rkt" ("cobbe" "functional-command.plt" 1 (= 0))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Initial release.