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Package uuid.plt contributed by williams [docs]
To load: (require (planet williams/uuid:1:3/uuid))
Old style:(require (planet "uuid.rkt" ("williams" "uuid.plt" 1 3)))
Package description:
Provides immutable Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs) as defined in RFC 4122. Functions for constructing time-based (type 1), name-based using MD5 hashing (type 3), (pseudo-)random (type 4), and name-based using SHA-1 hashing (type 5) are provided.
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(1 3)
To load: (require (planet "uuid.rkt" ("williams" "uuid.plt" 1 (= 3))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Removed dependency on stale PLaneT packages. Type 1 UUIDs now use a random multicast MAC address, which cannot clash with any actual MAC address, instead of trying to determine the MAC address of the host. A MAC address can optionally be passed to make-uuid-1, if needed.
(1 2)
To load: (require (planet "uuid.rkt" ("williams" "uuid.plt" 1 (= 2))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Updated to Racket.
(1 1)
To load: (require (planet "" ("williams" "uuid.plt" 1 (= 1))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
Fixes a problem running the UUID package under Linux.
(1 0)
To load: (require (planet "" ("williams" "uuid.plt" 1 (= 0))))
Available in repositories: 4.x
This is the initial release of the UUID package.