Basic syntax

You might want to read basic Scribble documentation, but it should not be necessary. Just look at the source file and proceed by analogy.

To insert formula , type:
Curly brackets inside are usually not a problem: for just type
it works. If however something goes wrong, you might want a better protection:
@f|{y_{ij}}| or even @f|-{y_{ij}}-|
There is also @equation{...} which allows formula labeling using @equation[#:tag "FormulaName"]{...}.

It is also possible to manually align the formulas, for example @ff+4{x^2} produces and @ff-7{x^2} gives . There is also zoomed @ff+0+7{x^2} which gives and zoom with align @ff-5+7{x^2} which gives .

Sorry I have not implemented align/eqnarray, in fact this may be a nontrivial task. Please use a combination of @tabular[] and @f/@ff+i/@ff+i+j for now.

The command @fsize[20] changes the formula size to 20pt, the command @fsize[] returns back to the previous size (but you can not nest them, there is not stack of sizes).

We use JLaTeXMath to produce png files. We had some problems with large size integral signs: and large size brackets: . As you can see, they come out a bit weird. This is under investigation.

This slide is very tall and will probably go below the bottom of the display area, so you need to scroll down to read it. This is intentional. Sometimes you have to show a long list of formulas. Scrolling is easier on the audience than jumping from page to page.