This collection provides one file:

 _roman.ss_: converts ints to roman numerals and vice versa


These functions only handle numbers in the range 1 to 3999 inclusive.

This library is caps-sensitive: "VI" is fine, "Vi", "vI", and "vi" 
are not.

A Roman numeral is well-formed iff
* it consists entirely of M, C, D, X, L, I, V, and
* it is valid per the Roman numeral system as defined at

> int->roman : (integer-in 1 3999) -> string?

Converts input to its Roman numeral representation.

> roman->int : string? -> (union (integer-in 1 3999) false?)

Converts well-formed Roman numerals to integers.

> test-all : -> void?

Prints out the functions applied to all numbers in the range. That is,
if you want to verify these functions, you can run this.

EXAMPLES -------------------------------------------------------------

> (int->roman 1121)
> (roman->int "MCXXI")

These functions hacked by Adam Shaw on June 12, 2006.
Have a nice, Roman-numeral filled day.