(module info (lib "" "setup")

  (define name "Dracula")

  (define doc.txt "language/doc.txt")

  (define html-docs (list "language/acl2-html-docs"))

  (define blurb (list "Provides the Dracula language level for ACL2 emulation."))

  (define release-notes
       (li "2.4: Correction to DoubleCheck documentation.")
       (li "2.3: Accidental duplicate of 2.2.")
       (li "2.2: "
            (li "Added doublecheck teachpack. ")
            (li "Added remove-eq and remove-equal. ")
            (li "Added documentation for teachpacks. ")
            (li "Exported horner and map-chrs->str from io-utilities teachpack. ")
            (li "Exported drop-thru from list-utilities teachpack. ")
            (li "Updated Undo to work better with teachpacks. ")
            (li "Added error dialog for Create Executable. "))))))

  (define require-core-version "370")

  (define primary-file "language/dracula.scm")

  (define categories '(devtools scientific))

  (define homepage "")