The ACL2 Workshop Series

We hold regular workshops.

Jared Davis has graciously supplied a listing of bibtex entries.

ACL2 input files (certifiable books) from the preceding workshops are available from the links above. WARNING: The above links point to the original versions of those books. In order to obtain up-to-date versions of those books that will certify in the latest version (3.1) of ACL2, download a gzipped tar file to the acl2-sources/books/ subdirectory of your ACL2 distribution, and then gunzip and extract it. On a Unix/Linux system you can then certify all the books in Version 3.1 by standing in the acl2-sources/ directory and issuing the command make regression.

ACL2 Seminar at UT

An ACL2 seminar meets regularly at the University of Texas. A list of past talks, generally accompanied by abstracts and sometimes slides, may be found on the UT ACL2 seminar page.

Upcoming Conferences of Possible Interest to the ACL2 Community