(module uninstall mzscheme
  (require (lib "" "planet")
           (lib "" "mred")
           (lib "" "framework")
  (provide uninstall-callback)
  ;; -> void
  ;; Uninstalls the ACL2 package via PLaneT
  (define (uninstall!)
    (remove-pkg pkg-owner pkg-name pkg-major pkg-minor))
  ;; menu-item% callback
  (define uninstall-callback
    (lambda (x y)
      (case (message-box 
             (string-append "Uninstall Dracula?")
             (format "Uninstallation of Dracula requires you to restart DrScheme.  DrScheme will automatically exit when the uninstall is complete.  You will be prompted to save any unsaved work before DrScheme exits.~n~nProceed with uninstallation?")
                         '(yes-no caution))
        [(no)  (void)]
        [(yes) (begin