reset the prehistory
Major Section:  EVENTS

(reset-prehistory)   ; restart command numbering at 0
(reset-prehistory t) ; as above, and also disable ubt-prehistory

General Forms: (reset-prehistory) (reset-prehistory permanent-p) (reset-prehistory permanent-p doc-string)

where permanent-p is t or nil, and doc-string is an optional documentation string not beginning with ``:doc-section ...''. After execution of this command, ACL2 will change the numbering provided by its history utilities so that this reset-prehistory command (or the top-level compound command containing it, which for example might be an include-book) is assigned the number 0. The only way to undo this command is with command ubt-prehistory. However, even that is disallowed if permanent-p is t.

Note that the second argument of certify-book, which specifies the number of commands in the certification world (i.e., since ground-zero), is not sensitive to reset-prehistory; rather, it expects the number of commands since ground-zero. To see such commands, :pbt :start.

See ubt-prehistory for how to undo a reset-prehistory command that does not have a permanent-p of t.