#lang racket
  ;; replace these with PLaneT requires if you use this as a template somewhere else:
  (require "../main.rkt"

  (define-runtime-path here-path ".")
  ;; Let's just check to make sure this is okay...
  (unless (file-exists? (build-path here-path "sample-gnucash-file"))
    (error 'gnucash-example 
           "Due to hurried programming, this example can only be run when the current directory is the one containing the sample file."))
  ;; ordinarily, the source file would be in some other directory...
  (define gnucash-file-source (build-path here-path "sample-gnucash-file"))
  (define gnucash-zo-file (build-path here-path "sample-gnucash.zo"))
  ;; this will take a very long time the first time you call it on a sizeable gnucash file.
  ;; my gnucash file is about 19 Meg after unzipping, and the translation to a .zo file takes
  ;; almost 3 minutes on my intel laptop.
  (time (gnucash-init gnucash-file-source gnucash-zo-file))
  ;; show all the account names
  (printf "Account names: ~v\n" (map account-name-path accounts))
  ;; locate the id for the checking account
  (define checking-account-id (account-id (find-account `("Assets" "Current Assets" "Checking Account"))))
  ;; find all the transactions into or out of "Assets:Current Assets:Checking Account"
  (define my-transactions (crossers transactions (list checking-account-id)))
  ;; display their dates and the net flow into or out of the checking account
  (printf "Net Flows: ~v\n" 
          (map (lambda (t)
                 (list (transaction-date t)
                       (net t (list checking-account-id) dollars)))