(module info (lib "" "setup")
  (define name "No-Brainer")
  (define blurb `("A simple static checker that reports some local arity errors and unused bindings"))
  (define release-notes
    `("This version works with PLT 4.0. It also "
      "includes a slightly more comprehensive test suite. "
      "Finally, it includes an icon, so that its button fits "
      "the new style."))
  (define categories `(devtools))
  #;(define doc.txt "doc.txt")
  (define tools '(("")))
  (define tool-names (list "Simple Static Checker"))
  (define compile-omit-paths '("private/"))
  (define scribblings '(("no-brainer.scrbl" ())))
  (define primary-file '(""))
  (define version "20081125")
  (define repositories '("4.x"))
  #;(define tool-icons (list '("foot-up.gif" "icons")))