#lang racket

(require "../portaudio.rkt"

(define twopi (* 2 pi))

(test-suite "portaudio"
(let ()
  (define (open-test-stream callback streaming-info-ptr buffer-frames)
     0             ;; input channels
     2             ;; output channels
     'paInt16      ;; sample format
     44100.0       ;; sample rate
     buffer-frames ;;frames-per-buffer  ;; frames per buffer
     callback      ;; callback (NULL means just wait for data)
  (define (test-start) 
    #;(sleep 2)
    (printf "starting now... "))
  (define (test-end)
    (printf "... ending now.\n")
    (sleep 1))

  (define log-counter 0)
  (define log empty)
  (define log2 empty)
  (define log3 empty)
  (define srinv (exact->inexact (/ 1 44100)))
  (define (fill-buf ptr frames index)
    (unless (= frames 1024)
      (error 'fill-buf "expected 1024 frames, got ~s\n"
    (define base-frames (* index 1024))
    (define base-t (exact->inexact (* base-frames srinv)))
    (for ([i (in-range 1024)])
      (define t (+ base-t (* i srinv)))
      (define sample (inexact->exact (round (* 32767 (* 0.2 (sin (* twopi t 403)))))))
      (define sample-idx (* channels i))
      (ptr-set! ptr _sint16 sample-idx sample)
      (ptr-set! ptr _sint16 (add1 sample-idx) sample)))
  (define (call-fill-buf streaming-info-ptr)
    (match (buffer-if-waiting streaming-info-ptr)
      [#f ;; oops, probably stacked up signals. go wait again.
      [(list ptr frames idx finished-thunk)
       (set! log-counter (+ log-counter 1))
       (fill-buf ptr frames idx)
  (let ()
    ;; map 0<rads<2pi to -pi/2<rads<pi/2
    (define (left-half rads)
      (cond [(<= rads (* 1/2 pi)) rads]
            [(<= rads (* 3/2 pi)) (- pi rads)]
            [else (- rads (* 2 pi))]))
    (define (frac n)
      (- n (floor n)))
    (define t1 (make-s16vector 2048 0))
    (time (fill-buf (s16vector->cpointer t1) 1024 3))
    (for ([i (in-range 2048)])
      (define t (floor (/ i 2)))
      (check-= (asin (* 5.0 (/ (s16vector-ref t1 i) 32767.0)))
               (left-half (* twopi (frac (* (/ 1 44100) (* (+ (* 3 1024) t) 403)))))
  ;; first just play silence; there's no process feeding the buffer
  (let ()
    (define buffer-frames 1024)
    (match-define (list stream-info place-channel) (make-streaming-info buffer-frames))
    (check-not-false (buffer-if-waiting stream-info))
    (define stream (open-test-stream streaming-callback
    (pa-set-stream-finished-callback stream streaming-info-free)
     (lambda ()
       (let loop ()
         (place-channel-get place-channel)
         (set! log3 (cons (pa-get-stream-time stream) log3))
    (printf "total silence\n")
    (pa-start-stream stream)
    (sleep 1.0)
    (place-kill place-channel)
    ;; check 3x stop:
    (pa-maybe-stop-stream stream)
    (pa-maybe-stop-stream stream)
    (pa-maybe-stop-stream stream)
    (define diffs (for/list ([j (in-list (rest log3))]
                             [i (in-list log3)])
                    (- i j)))
    (printf "faults: ~s\n" (stream-fails stream-info))
    (printf "log3 diffs: ~s\n" diffs))
  ;; try playing a tone at 403 Hz:
  (let ()
    (define buffer-frames 1024)
    (match-define (list stream-info signal-channel)
      (make-streaming-info buffer-frames))
    (define stream (open-test-stream streaming-callback
    (pa-set-stream-finished-callback stream streaming-info-free)
    (printf "tone at 403 Hz\n")
    (define filling-thread
       (lambda ()
         (call-fill-buf stream-info)
         (for ([i (in-range 1000)])
           (place-channel-get signal-channel)
           (set! log2 (cons (pa-get-stream-time stream) log2))
           (call-fill-buf stream-info)))))
    (pa-start-stream stream)
    (sleep 1.0)
    (place-kill signal-channel)
    ;; check 3x stop:
    (pa-maybe-stop-stream stream)
    (pa-maybe-stop-stream stream)
    (pa-maybe-stop-stream stream)
    (kill-thread filling-thread)
    (define diffs (for/list ([j (in-list (rest log2))]
                             [i (in-list log2)])
                    (- i j)))
    (printf "log2 diffs: \n~s\n" diffs)
    (printf "log: \n~s\n" log)

    (printf "fails: ~s\n" (stream-fails stream-info))
    (check-equal? log-counter 44))
  ;; first test with the vector interface:
  #;(let ()
    (define abort-box (box #f))
    (define callback-info (make-sndplay-record tone-buf-330))
    (define stream (open-test-stream copying-callback callback-info))
    (printf "1/2 second @ 330 Hz\n")
    (pa-start-stream stream)
    (sleep 0.5)