This collection provides one file:

 _geocoder.ss_: geocode US street addresses

This library provides a utility for geocoding US street addresses via
an online, public server.


CONFIGURATION PARAMETERS ---------------------------------------------

> (current-geocoder-domain [d]) :: (parameterof string)

The domain name of the geocoder server. Default: ""

> (current-geocoder-port [p]) :: (parameterof integer)

The network port of the geocoder server. Default: 80

DATA DEFINITIONS -----------------------------------------------------

> (struct geo-point (description longitude latitude)) :: string * number * number

A structure representing a geo-location point, as returned by the
geocoder server.

> (struct (exn:fail:geocoder exn:fail) ())

Raised when an error occurred in sending the request or receiving the
response from the geocoder server.

> (struct (exn:fail:geocoder:request exn:fail:geocoder) (response)) :: (listof string)

Raised when the geocoder server failed to geocoder the given
address. The response contains the text of the error message received
from the geocoder server.

PROCEDURES -----------------------------------------------------------

> (geocode addr city state zip) :: string * string * string * string -> (listof geo-point)

Geocodes the given US street address by sending it to the geocoder
server and parsing the response.