#lang scheme/base

(require (planet "evector.scm" ("soegaard" "evector.plt" 1))

(require (rename-in scheme/base [primitive? scheme:primitive?]
                                [number->string scheme:number->string]
                                [string->number scheme:string->number]
                                [print scheme:print]))

(provide current-this)
(provide bit-field make-bit-field bit-flag-set?)
(provide (struct-out object)
         (struct-out array)
         (struct-out attributed)
         (struct-out ref)
         set-ref! delete-ref! deref)
(provide set-array-length!)
(provide get-arg get-arg0)
(provide object-table build-object0)
(provide object-property-attributes has-property? has-property?/immediate has-attribute?
         object-get object-set! object-put! object-delete!
         object-keys object-keys* object-keys-stream descendant-of?)
(provide scope-chain-get scope-chain-set! scope-chain-delete!)
(provide NaN NaN? infinite? numeric?)
(provide object->number object->string object->string/simple object->string/debug
         completion->value completion->string
         value->boolean value->string value->string/simple value->object value->primitive value->string/debug
         value->number value->integer value->int32 value->uint32 value->uint16
(provide make-boolean true-value?)
(provide invoke call)
(provide current-completion complete!)
(provide build-object build-function build-array build-arguments-object)
;(provide make-arguments-object)
(provide global-object proto:global proto:proto proto:Array proto:Function proto:Object proto:String proto:Boolean proto:Number)
(provide Array Function Object String Boolean Number Math)

(define current-this (make-parameter #f))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

;; A value is one of:
;;  - 'true
;;  - 'false
;;  - void?
;;  - null?
;;  - number?
;;  - string?
;;  - object?

;; A completion is an (optional value)

;; A property is one of:
;;  - property-value
;;  - attributed

;; An attributed is (make-attributed value attributes) where:
;;  - value is a property-value
;;  - attributes is an attributes

;; A property-value is one of:
;;  - ref
;;  - value

;; An attributes is a:
;;  - (bit-field-of READ-ONLY? DONT-ENUM? DONT-DELETE?)

;; A uint32 is an exact-integer in the range [0, 2^32)
;; An int32 is an exact-integer in the range ???
;; A uint16 is an exact-integer in the range [0, 2^16)

;; deref : (union ref value) -> value
(define (deref val)
  (if (ref? val)
      ((ref-get val))

;; set-ref! : ref value -> any
(define (set-ref! ref val)
  ((ref-set! ref) val))

;; delete-ref! : ref -> any
(define (delete-ref! ref)
  ((ref-delete! ref)))

(define (build-object0 table proto)
  (make-object #f #f proto (object-class proto) table))

(define NaN +nan.0)

(define (NaN? x)
  (or (eqv? x +nan.0)
      (eqv? x -nan.0)))

(define (infinite? x)
  (or (eqv? x +inf.0)
      (eqv? x -inf.0)))

(define (has-attribute? p a)
  (and (attributed? p)
       (bit-flag-set? (attributed-attributes p) a)))

(define (get-arg args i)
    [(null? args) (void)]
    [(zero? i) (car args)]
    [else (get-arg (cdr args) (sub1 i))]))

(define (get-arg0 . args)
  (get-arg args 0))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

;; 9.1
(define (value->primitive v object->primitive)
  (if (primitive? v)
      (object->primitive v)))

;; 9.3
(define (value->number v)
  (if (primitive? v)
      (primitive->number v)
      (primitive->number (object->number v))))

;; primitive->number : primitive -> number
(define (primitive->number v)
    [(void? v) +nan.0]
    [(null? v) 0]
    [(eq? v 'true) 1]
    [(eq? v 'false) 0]
    [(number? v) v]
    [(string? v) (string->number v)]))

;; number-sign : number -> (number -> number)
(define (number-sign x)
  (if (negative? x) - +))

;; 9.4, 9.5, 9.6, 9.7
(define (real->integer v)
  ((number-sign v) (inexact->exact (floor (abs v)))))

;; 9.4
(define (value->integer v)
  (let ([v (value->number v)])
      [(NaN? v) 0]
      [(or (zero? v) (infinite? v)) v]
      [else (real->integer v)])))

;; 9.5, 9.6, 9.7
(define (value->finite-integer v)
  (let ([v (value->number v)])
    (if (or (NaN? v) (infinite? v) (zero? v))
        (real->integer v))))

(define 2^32 (expt 2 32))
(define 2^31 (expt 2 31))
(define 2^16 (expt 2 16))
(define 2^32-1 (sub1 (expt 2 32)))

;; 9.5
(define (value->int32 v)
  (let* ([i (value->finite-integer v)]
         [masked (modulo i 2^32)])
    (if (>= masked 2^31)
        (- masked 2^32)

;; 9.6
(define (value->uint32 v)
  (modulo (value->finite-integer v) 2^32))

;; 9.7
(define (value->uint16 v)
  (modulo (value->finite-integer v) 2^16))

;; 9.2
(define (value->boolean x)
    [(void? x) 'false]
    [(null? x) 'false]
    [(symbol? x) x]
    [(number? x) (make-boolean (not (or (zero? x) (NaN? x))))]
    [(string? x) (make-boolean (string=? x ""))]
    [(object? x) 'true]))

(define (value->string/simple x)
  (if (object? x)
      (primitive->string (object->string/simple x))
      (primitive->string x)))

(define (value->string x)
  (if (object? x)
      (primitive->string (object->string x))
      (primitive->string x)))

(define (completion->value x)
  (if (not x) (void) x))

(define (completion->string x)
  (if (or (not x) (void? x))
      (value->string x)))

(define (primitive->string p)
    [(void? p) "undefined"]
    [(null? p) "null"]
    [(eq? p 'true) "true"]
    [(eq? p 'false) "false"]
    [(number? p) (number->string p)]
    [(string? p) p]
    [else (error 'primitive->string "unrecognized primitive: ~v" p)]))

(define (numeric? x)
  (or (number? x)
      (and (object? x) (descendant-of? x proto:Number))))

;; numeric->number : numeric -> number
(define (numeric->number x)
  (if (number? x) x (hash-ref (object-properties x) '<<value>>)))

;; number->string : number -> string
(define (number->string x)
    [(eqv? x -inf.0) "-Infinity"]
    [(eqv? x +inf.0) "Infinity"]
    [(NaN? x) "NaN"]
    [(zero? x) "0"]
    [(integer? x) (scheme:number->string (inexact->exact x))]
    ;; TODO: follow 9.8.1
    [else (scheme:number->string x)]))

;; primitive? : value -> boolean
(define (primitive? x)
  (or (void? x)
      (null? x)
      (eq? x 'true)
      (eq? x 'false)
      (number? x)
      (string? x)))

;; TODO: implement according to 9.3.1
(define (string->number x)
  (scheme:string->number x))

;; try : object (listof string) (-> primitive) -> primitive
(define (try o method-names)
  (if (null? method-names)
      (raise-runtime-type-error here "object with string representation" "?")
      (let ([method (object-get o (car method-names))])
          [(and method (object? method) (object-call method))
           => (lambda (f)
                (let ([result (parameterize ([current-this o])
                  (if (primitive? result)
                      (primitive->string result)
                      (try o (cdr method-names)))))]
          [else (try o (cdr method-names))]))))

(define (object->string/simple o)

;;, 9.1, 9.8
;; object->string : object -> primitive
(define (object->string o)
  (try o '("toString" "valueOf")))

;; object->number : object -> primitive
(define (object->number o)
  (try o '("valueOf" "toString")))

;; 9.9
(define (value->object v)
    [(void? v) (raise-runtime-type-error here "defined value" "undefined")]
    [(null? v) (raise-runtime-type-error here "non-null value" "null")]
    [(symbol? v) ((object-construct Boolean) v)]
    [(number? v) ((object-construct Number) v)]
    [(string? v) ((object-construct String) v)]
    [(object? v) v]
    [else (error 'value->object "unexpected non-value: ~v" v)]))

(define (value->string/debug v)
    [(string? v) (string->source-string v)]
    [(object? v) (object->string/debug v)]
    [else (value->string v)]))

(define (object->string/debug o)
  (object->string/debug/immediate o))

(define (object->string/debug/immediate o)
  (string-append "{"
                 (string-join (map (lambda (key)
                                     (format "~a:~a"
                                             (value->string/debug (object-get o key))))
                                   (object-keys o))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

;; set-array-length! : array value -> any
(define (set-array-length! a x)
  (value->array-index x
                      (lambda (length string?)
                        (set-evector-length! (array-vector a) length))
                      (lambda (string)
                        ;; TODO: range error
                        (raise-runtime-type-error here "array index" string))))

;; array-index? : any -> boolean
(define (array-index? x)
  (and (integer? x)
       ;; 15.4
       (<= 0 x 2^32-1)))

;; A success continuation takes the successfully parsed array index and
;; a string representation of the array index (if the string has been
;; computed yet) and computes a result.

;; A failure continuation takes the string representation of the array
;; index and computes a result.

;; value->array-index : value (uint32 (optional string) -> a) (string -> a) -> a
(define (value->array-index x sk fk)
    [(array-index? x) (sk (inexact->exact x) #f)]
    [(number? x) (fk (number->string x))]
     (let ([s (value->string x)])
         [(parse-array-index s)
          => (lambda (index)
               (sk index s))]
         [else (fk s)]))]))

;; parse-array-index : string -> (optional uint32)
(define (parse-array-index s)
  (and (regexp-match-exact? rx:integer s)
       (let ([i (string->number s)])
         (and (array-index? i)
              (string=? (number->string i) s)
              (inexact->exact i)))))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

;; property->value : property -> value
(define (property->value p)
    [(and (attributed? p) (ref? (attributed-value p)))
     (deref (attributed-value p))]
    [(attributed? p)
     (attributed-value p)]
    [(ref? p)
     (deref p)]
    [else p]))

;; has-property? : object string -> boolean
(define (has-property? o key)
  (or (has-property?/immediate o key)
      (let ([proto (object-proto o)])
        (and proto (has-property? proto key)))))

;; has-property?/immediate : object string -> boolean
(define (has-property?/immediate o key)
  (or (and (array? o) (array-has-property?/immediate o key))
      (object-has-property?/immediate o key)))

;; array-has-property?/immediate : array string -> boolean
(define (array-has-property?/immediate a key)
  (value->array-index key
                      (lambda (index string?)
                        (let ([vec (array-vector a)])
                          (and (< index (evector-length vec))
                               (evector-ref vec index)
                      (lambda (string) #f)))

;; object-has-property?/immediate : object string -> boolean
(define (object-has-property?/immediate o key)
  (hash-contains? (object-properties o) key))

;; object-property-attributes : object value -> (optional bit-field)
(define (object-property-attributes o key)
    [(object-get/raw o key)
     => (lambda (prop)
          (if (attributed? prop)
              (attributed-attributes prop)
    [else #f]))

;; object-get : object value -> (optional value)
(define (object-get o key)
    [(object-get/raw o key) => property->value]
    [else #f]))

;; object-get/raw : object value -> (optional property-value)
(define (object-get/raw o key)
  (object-get1/raw o key (lambda (string)
                           (let ([proto (object-proto o)])
                             (and proto (object-get/raw proto string))))))

;; object-get1/raw : object value (string -> a) -> (union property-value a)
(define (object-get1/raw o key fk)
  (if (array? o)
      (array-get1/raw o key fk)
      (object-table-get/raw (object-properties o) key fk)))

;; array-get1/raw : array value (string -> a) -> (union property-value a)
(define (array-get1/raw a key fk)
  (value->array-index key
                      (lambda (index string?)
                        (let ([vec (array-vector a)])
                            [(and (< index (evector-length vec))
                                  (evector-ref vec index))]
                            [else (fk (or string? (number->string index)))])))
                      (lambda (string)
                        (object-table-get/raw (object-properties a)

;; object-table-get/raw : hash value (string -> a) -> (union property-value a)
(define (object-table-get/raw table key fk)
  (let* ([s (value->string key)]
         [v (hash-ref table s (lambda () #f))])
    (or v (fk s))))

;; object-get : object value -> (optional value)
(define (object-get o key)
  (object-get1 o key (lambda (string)
                       (let ([proto (object-proto o)])
                         (and proto (object-get proto string))))))

;; object-get1 : object value (string -> a) -> (union value a)
(define (object-get1 o key fk)
  (if (array? o)
      (array-get1 o key fk)
      (object-table-get (object-properties o) key fk)))

;; array-get1 : array value (string -> a) -> (union value a)
(define (array-get1 a key fk)
  (value->array-index key
                      (lambda (index string?)
                        (let ([vec (array-vector a)])
                            [(and (< index (evector-length vec))
                                  (evector-ref vec index))
                             => property->value]
                            [else (fk (or string? (number->string index)))])))
                      (lambda (string)
                        (object-table-get (object-properties a)

;; object-table-get : hash value (string -> a) -> (union value a)
(define (object-table-get table key fk)
  (let* ([s (value->string key)]
         [v (hash-ref table s (lambda () #f))])
    (or (and v (property->value v))
        (fk s))))

;; object-put! : object value value [attributes] -> any
(define (object-put! o key value [attributes empty-bit-field])
  (if (array? o)
      (array-put! o key value attributes)
      (object-table-put! o (value->string key) value attributes)))

;; array-put! : array value value -> any
(define (array-put! a key value [attributes empty-bit-field])
  (value->array-index key
                      (lambda (index string?)
                        (array-vector-put! a index value attributes))
                      (lambda (string)
                        (object-table-put! a string value attributes))))

;; put!/permission : (optional property) (property -> any) value bit-field -> any
(define (put!/permission previous put! value attributes)
  (unless (has-attribute? previous READ-ONLY?)
      [(and (attributed? previous) (ref? (attributed-value previous)))
       (set-ref! (attributed-value previous) value)]
      [(attributed? previous)
       (set-attributed-value! previous value)]
      [(ref? previous)
       (set-ref! previous value)]
       (put! value)]
      [(not (empty-bit-field? attributes))
       (put! (make-attributed value attributes))]
       (put! value)])))

;; array-vector-put! : array uint32 value -> any
(define (array-vector-put! a index value [attributes empty-bit-field])
  (let ([vec (array-vector a)])
    (put!/permission (and (< index (evector-length vec))
                          (evector-ref vec index))
                     (lambda (p)
                       (evector-set! vec index p))

;; object-table-put! : object string value -> any
(define (object-table-put! o key value [attributes empty-bit-field])
  (put!/permission (hash-ref (object-properties o) key (lambda () #f))
                   (lambda (p)
                     (hash-set! (object-properties o) key p))

;; object-delete! : object string -> (union 'true 'false)
(define (object-delete! o key)
  (if (array? o)
      (array-delete! o key)
      (object-table-delete! (object-properties o) key)))

;; array-delete! : array string -> (union 'true 'false)
(define (array-delete! a key)
  (value->array-index key
                      (lambda (index string?)
                        (array-vector-delete! (array-vector a) index))
                      (lambda (string)
                        (object-table-delete! (object-properties a) key))))

;; object-table-delete! : hash string -> (union 'true 'false)
(define (object-table-delete! table key)
    [(hash-ref table key (lambda () #f))
     => (lambda (p)
          (if (has-attribute? p DONT-DELETE?)
              (begin (hash-remove! table key)
    [else 'true]))

;; array-vector-delete! : evector uint32 -> (union 'true 'false)
(define (array-vector-delete! vec i)
    [(and (<= i (evector-length vec))
          (evector-ref vec i))
     => (lambda (p)
          (if (has-attribute? p DONT-DELETE?)
              (begin (evector-set! vec i #f)
    [else 'true]))

;; TODO: check this against the spec for compliance
(define (descendant-of? x y)
  (and (object? x)
       (let ([proto (object-proto x)])
         (or (eq? proto y)
             (and proto (descendant-of? proto y))))))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

(define (hash-contains? t key)
  (and (hash-ref t key (lambda () #f))

;; TODO: optionally catch new keys that come into existence? (hard)

(define (object-keys-stream object)
  (let ([current-object object]
        [current-keys (object-keys object)]
        [visited (make-hash)])
    (letrec ([next-key (lambda ()
                           [(pair? current-keys)
                            (let ([key (begin0 (car current-keys)
                                               (set! current-keys (cdr current-keys)))])
                              (if (and (not (hash-contains? visited key))
                                       (has-property?/immediate object key)
                                       (not (has-attribute? (hash-ref (object-properties object) key)
                                  (begin (hash-set! visited key #t)
                           [(and current-object (null? current-keys))
                            (set! current-object (object-proto current-object))
                            (set! current-keys (and current-object (object-keys current-object)))
                           [else #f]))])

;; object-keys* : object -> (listof string)
(define (object-keys* o)
  (let ([next-key (object-keys-stream o)])
    (let loop ([acc '()])
        [(next-key) => (lambda (key)
                         (loop (cons key acc)))]
        [else (reverse acc)]))))

;; object-keys : object -> (listof string)
(define (object-keys o)
  (append (if (array? o)
              (build-list (evector-length (array-vector o))
          (hash-map (object-properties o)
                    (lambda (key value) key))))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

(define (true-value? x)
  (or (object? x)
      (and (primitive? x)
           (not (or (eq? x 'false)
                    (void? x)
                    (null? x)
                    (and (number? x) (zero? x))
                    (and (string? x) (string=? x "")))))))

(define (make-boolean b)
  (if b 'true 'false))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

;; invoke : value string (listof value) (string string -> <never>) -> any
(define (invoke v name args err)
  (let* ([this (value->object v)]
         [method (object-get this name)])
    (unless method
      (raise-runtime-type-error here "function" "undefined"))
    (parameterize ([current-this this])
      (call method args err))))

;; call : value (listof value) (string string -> <never>) -> any
(define (call v args err)
  (let* ([o (value->object v)]
         [proc (object-call o)])
    (if proc
        (apply proc args)
        (err "function" (value->string/simple v)))))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

(define current-completion (make-parameter #f))

;; complete! : value -> completion
(define (complete! v)
  (when v
    (current-completion v))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ==========================================================================

(define (build-arguments-object func-object aliases args)
  (let ([result (make-hash)]
        [fixed (length aliases)]) ;; TODO: length property
    (for ([i (in-range fixed)]
          [alias aliases])
      (hash-set! result
                 (number->string i)
                 (make-attributed (make-ref (car alias) (cdr alias) (lambda () 'false))
                                  (bit-field DONT-DELETE?))))
    ;; TODO: add the rest of the args
    (build-object result)))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

(define (build-object table)
  (build-object0 table proto:Object))

;; TODO: join nested function objects

(define (build-function arity proc)
  (letrec ([f (make-object ;; 13.2.1
                           ;; 13.2.2
                           (lambda args ;(arg-vec)
                             (let* ([proto (or (object-get f "prototype") proto:Object)]
                                    [new-object (build-object0 '() proto)])
                               (parameterize ([current-this new-object])
                                 (apply proc args)) ; arg-vec))
                 ;; 13.2,
                 [length arity (DONT-DELETE? READ-ONLY? DONT-ENUM?)]
                 ;; 13.2,
                 [prototype (build-object (object-table [constructor f (DONT-ENUM?)]))

(define (build-array vec)
  (letrec ([a (make-array #f
                           [constructor Array (DONT-ENUM? DONT-DELETE?)]
                           [length (lambda ()
                                     (evector-length vec))
                                   (lambda (v)
                                     (set-array-length! a v))
                                   (DONT-ENUM? DONT-DELETE?)])

;; 11.2.1
;; object-set! : object value value -> value
(define (object-set! object key value)
  (if (array? object)
      (value->array-index key
                          (lambda (index string?)
                            (evector-set! (array-vector object) index value)
                          (lambda (string)
                            (object-put! object key value)))
      (object-put! object key value)))

;; TODO: obsolete (once I rewrite make-activation-object)
;; make-array-ref : evector uint32 -> ref
;(define (make-array-ref array i)
;  (make-ref (lambda ()
;              (if (<= i (evector-length array))
;                  (evector-ref array i)
;                  (void)))
;            (lambda (val)
;              (evector-set! array i val)
;              val)
;            (lambda ()
;              (cond
;                [(and (<= i (evector-length array))
;                      (evector-ref array i))
;                 => (lambda (p)
;                      (if (has-attribute? p DONT-DELETE?)
;                          'false
;                          (begin (evector-set! array i #f)
;                                 'true)))]
;                [else 'true]))))

(define (string->source-string v)
  (string-append "'"
                 (apply string-append
                        (map (lambda (ch)
                               (case ch
                                 [(#\newline) "\\n"]
                                 [(#\') "\\'"]
                                 [(#\return) "\\r"]
                                 ;; TODO: etc etc
                                 [else (string ch)]))
                             (string->list v)))

;; scope-chain-get : (listof object) string -> (optional value)
(define (scope-chain-get scope-chain name)
  (and (pair? scope-chain)
       (or (object-get (car scope-chain) name)
           (scope-chain-get (cdr scope-chain) name))))

;; scope-chain-set! : (listof object) string value -> value
(define (scope-chain-set! scope-chain name val)
  (if (or (null? (cdr scope-chain)) (has-property? (car scope-chain) name))
      (begin (object-put! (car scope-chain) name val) val)
      (scope-chain-set! (cdr scope-chain) name val)))

;; scope-chain-delete! : (listof object) string -> (union 'true 'false)
(define (scope-chain-delete! scope-chain name)
    [(null? scope-chain)
    [(has-property? (car scope-chain) name)
     (object-delete! (car scope-chain) name)]
     (scope-chain-delete! (cdr scope-chain) name)]))

;; 10.1.6
;; TODO: reimplement without make-array-ref
;(define (make-activation-object ids arguments)
;  (let ([o (make-object #f
;             #f
;             proto:Object
;             "Object"
;             (object-table [arguments arguments (DONT-DELETE?)]))]
;        [arg-vec (array-vector arguments)])
;    (for-each (lambda (id i)
;                (object-put! o
;                             (symbol->string (Identifier-name id))
;                             (make-array-ref arg-vec i)
;                             (bit-field DONT-DELETE?)))
;              ids
;              (for/list ([i (in-range (length ids))]) i))
;    ;(iota ids))
;    o))

;; 10.1.8
;(define (make-arguments-object f vec)
;  (make-array #f
;              #f
;              proto:Object
;              "Object"
;              (object-table [length (evector-length vec) (DONT-ENUM?)]
;                            [callee f (DONT-ENUM?)])
;              vec))

;; ===========================================================================
;; ===========================================================================

;; INVARIANT: all these uninitialized property tables are initialized by the reset-* functions

(define proto:global
  (make-object #f #f #f "Object" #f))

;; TODO: give this guy his own toString and hasOwnProperty (and what else?)
(define proto:proto
  (make-object #f #f #f "Object" #f))

;; 10.1.5
(define global-object
  (make-object #f #f proto:global "DrScheme" #f))

(define proto:Object
  (make-object #f #f proto:proto "Object" #f))
(define proto:Array
  (make-object #f #f proto:Object "Array" #f))
(define proto:Function
  (make-object void void proto:proto "Function" #f))
(define proto:String
  (make-object #f #f proto:proto "String" #f))
(define proto:Boolean
  (make-object #f #f proto:proto "Boolean" #f))
(define proto:Number
  (make-object #f #f proto:proto "Number" #f))

(define (make-primitive-constructor)
  (make-object #f #f proto:Function "Function" #f))

(define Object   (make-primitive-constructor))
(define Function (make-primitive-constructor))
(define Array    (make-primitive-constructor))
(define String   (make-primitive-constructor))
(define Boolean  (make-primitive-constructor))
(define Number   (make-primitive-constructor))
(define Math     (make-object #f #f proto:Object "Math" #f))