This collection provides one file:

 _list.ss_: combines the best of the mzscheme list libraries.


This library provides all the exports from:

    (lib "" "srfi" "1")
    (lib "")

as well as `build-list' from

    (lib "")

The following procedures from SRFI-1 are exported renamed to
distinguish them from their counterparts in

    SRFI-1 name   Exported name
    -----------   -------------
    fold          s:fold
    fold-right    s:fold-right
    first         s:first
    second        s:second
    third         s:third
    fourth        s:fourth
    fifth         s:fifth
    sixth         s:sixth
    seventh       s:seventh
    eighth        s:eighth
    remove        s:remove
    last-pair     s:last-pair
    filter        s:filter