This collection provides one file:

 _network.ss_: a library of network utilities.

NOTE: This library is only currently useful in Windows. I'll work on
ports for Linux, MacOS X, and Solaris.



> type ethernet-address

This type represents an Ethernet unique address, also known as a MAC
address or MAC-48 address. See

for more information.

> (ethernet-address? x) :: any -> boolean

> (list->ethernet-address x) :: (list/c byte byte byte byte byte byte) -> ethernet-address
> (bytes->ethernet-address x) :: bytes -> ethernet-address
> (string->ethernet-address x) :: string -> ethernet-address
> (ethernet-address->bytes x) :: ethernet-address -> bytes
> (ethernet-address->string x) :: ethernet-address -> string

> type network-adapter

This type represents information about a network adapter on the current

> (network-adapter? x) :: any -> boolean

> (network-adapter-address x) :: network-adapter -> ethernet-address

Produces the MAC address of a given network adapter.


> (current-network-adapters) :: -> (listof network-adapter)

[WINDOWS ONLY] Produces the list of installed network adapters on the current