Subject: DivaScheme 2.1 released

Subject: DivaScheme 2.1 released

         ...for times when you wish your doctor would listen

We are happy to release a new version of DivaScheme.  This is mostly a
bug fix release. Notably, DivaScheme is also now fully compatible with
DrScheme v360.

If you have previously installed DivaScheme, before installing this
new release, you must remove the previous installation's collection

To install, evaluate:

    (require (planet "" ("divascheme" "divascheme.plt")))

at the DrScheme REPL.  After restarting DrScheme, DivaScheme can then
be toggled on or off by pressing F4.  More information about
DivaScheme, including a demo screencast, can be found on its web site:


Release 2.1:


    * Key bindings now fully customizable through the preference
      dialog box.  Included alternative sets of key bindings for Dvorak
      and orbiTouch keyboards.

    * DivaScheme is now active in the interaction window.

    * Now distributed through PLaneT.

    * Added DivaScheme toggle menu option in the File menu.

    * Added compatibility code to work across the transition to Scott
      Owens's new unit system.

    * Compatibility with DrScheme 360.
    * 'stags' tag-generator renamed to generate-stags and installed as a
      mzscheme-launcher binary in "plt" or "plt/bin".  There is now a
      menu item under the File menu "Generate Navigation Tags..." which
      will build STAGS from a selected project directory.

Bug fixes:

    * Corrected keymap code to allow F5, F6, and other special
      commands to work in insert mode.

    * Added DYNAMIC-WIND across call to update-text, to avoid hanging
      the buffer even if exceptions happen.

    * Removed superfluous printf statement in debug code.

    * Removed inappropriate call to FREEZE-COLORER.

    * Corrected bugs involving enabled/disabled state across windows
      and tabs.

    * Corrected miscellaneous bugs.

    * Corrected typos in doc.txt.


DivaScheme was designed and implemented by Romain Legendre, Guillaume
Marceau, Danny Yoo, Kathi Fisler and Shriram Krishnamurthi.  We thank
Jay McCarthy for his help as well as the other members of PLT for
their support.

Thanks also to Aleks Bromfield, Jon Rafkind, Matthias Felleisen, Mark
Haniford, Chris Warrington, David Cabana, Kyle Smith, and Geoffrey
Knauth for their feedback and bug reports.

Send comments and bug reports to