SRFI 53 Reference Implementation

_SRFI 53 Reference Implementation_

David Van Horn

This is the reference implementation for SRFI 53, written by Andre van
Tonder and transcribed to work with MzScheme and SchemeUnit.

Note that the original reference implementation and test suite have
bugs which are purposely not fixed here.  See notes in test suite for

To import the library:

   (require (planet "" ("dvanhorn" "srfi-53.plt" 1 0)))
This library comes with two tests suites.  To load both:

   (require (planet "tests/" ("dvanhorn" "srfi-53.plt" 1 0))
            (planet "" ("schematics" "schemeunit.plt" 2 8)))
To run the original test suite included in the SRFI:

   (test/text-ui srfi-53-tests-original)

To run a corrected test suite:

   (test/text-ui srfi-53-tests-corrected)
Note that both test suites will have failures.  This is because both
the original test suite and the original reference implementation have
bugs in them.

Future versions of this library may provide, in addition to the
original reference implementation, a corrected reference
implementation that passes all tests in the corrected test suite.