#lang s-exp syntax/module-reader
#:language (lambda ()
             `(planet ,(this-package-version-symbol bf/language)))
#:read my-read
#:read-syntax my-read-syntax
#:info my-get-info
(require "../parser.rkt"

(define (my-read in)
  (syntax->datum (my-read-syntax #f in)))

(define (my-read-syntax src in)
  (parse-expr src in))

;; Extension: we'd like to cooperate with DrRacket and tell
;; it to use the default, textual lexer and color scheme when
;; editing bf programs.
;; See:
;; for more details, as well as the documentation in
;; syntax/module-reader.
(define (my-get-info key default default-filter)
  (case key
     (dynamic-require 'syntax-color/default-lexer
     (default-filter key default)]))