#lang setup/infotab
(define name "Structured Loops")

(define blurb ; list of XHTML fragments as xexprs; PLaneT uses as short description.
  '("Looping constructs for natural expression of structured imperative programming."))
(define release-notes ; as in blurb, for description of what's new.
     (li "While and until: added continue and break.")
     (li "Added Scribble'd manual.")
     (li "Changed to main.rkt convention"))))
(define scribblings '(("manual.scrbl" ())))

(define categories #;{{devtools: Development Tools}
                      {net: Networking and Protocols}
                      {media: Graphics and Audio}
                      {xml: XML-Related}
                      {datastructures: Data Structures and Algorithms}
                      {io: Input/Output and Filesystem}
                      {scientific: Mathematical and Scientific}
                      {system: Hardware/Operating System-Specific Tools}
                      {ui: Textual and Graphical User Interface}
                      {metaprogramming: Metaprogramming Tools}
                      {planet: PLaneT-Related}
                      {misc: Miscellaneous}}
  '(datastructures #;devtools))

(define can-be-loaded-with 'all) ; no side-effects on configuaration, system, so safe with any package
#;(define homepage "") ; wait until I update my homepage
(define primary-file '("main.rkt"))
#;(define required-core-version) ; ?
#;(define version) ; stick to one notion of version, the one given to raco.
(define repositories '("4.x" #;"3xx"))