1 API Parameters
2 Resources
2.1 cse
Version: 5.3

CustomSearch API v1

This documentation has been automatically generated using information supplied by the Google API Discovery service.

Lets you search over a website or collection of websites Google documentation.

    1 API Parameters

    2 Resources

      2.1 cse

(require-gapi-doc customsearch.v1.js)

1 API Parameters

The following optional keyword arguments may be passed to all functions for this web service:


(_ [#:alt alt    
  #:fields fields    
  #:key key    
  #:oauth_token oauth_token    
  #:prettyPrint prettyPrint    
  #:quotaUser quotaUser    
  #:userIp userIp])  jsexpr?
  alt : string? = 'N/A
  fields : string? = 'N/A
  key : string? = (api-key)
  oauth_token : string? = 'N/A
  prettyPrint : string? = 'N/A
  quotaUser : string? = 'N/A
  userIp : string? = 'N/A

This is not actually a function. This is just using Scribble’s defproc form to list the optional keyword arguments that may be passed to all functions for this service.

alt: Data format for the response.

fields: Selector specifying which fields to include in a partial response.

key: API key. Your API key identifies your project and provides you with API access, quota, and reports. Required unless you provide an OAuth 2.0 token.

oauth_token: OAuth 2.0 token for the current user.

prettyPrint: Returns response with indentations and line breaks.

quotaUser: Available to use for quota purposes for server-side applications. Can be any arbitrary string assigned to a user, but should not exceed 40 characters. Overrides userIp if both are provided.

userIp: IP address of the site where the request originates. Use this if you want to enforce per-user limits.

2 Resources

2.1 cse


(search-cse-list #:q q    
  [#:sort sort    
  #:filter filter    
  #:start start    
  #:cr cr    
  #:cref cref    
  #:cx cx    
  #:dateRestrict dateRestrict    
  #:exactTerms exactTerms    
  #:excludeTerms excludeTerms    
  #:fileType fileType    
  #:gl gl    
  #:highRange highRange    
  #:hl hl    
  #:hq hq    
  #:imgColorType imgColorType    
  #:imgDominantColor imgDominantColor    
  #:imgSize imgSize    
  #:imgType imgType    
  #:linkSite linkSite    
  #:lowRange lowRange    
  #:orTerms orTerms    
  #:relatedSite relatedSite    
  #:rights rights    
  #:safe safe    
  #:searchType searchType    
  #:siteSearch siteSearch    
  #:siteSearchFilter siteSearchFilter    
  #:c2coff c2coff    
  #:googlehost googlehost    
  #:lr lr    
  #:num num    
  #:alt alt    
  #:fields fields    
  #:key key    
  #:oauth_token oauth_token    
  #:prettyPrint prettyPrint    
  #:quotaUser quotaUser    
  #:userIp userIp])  jsexpr?
  q : string?
  sort : string? = 'N/A
  filter : string? = 'N/A
  start : string? = 'N/A
  cr : string? = 'N/A
  cref : string? = 'N/A
  cx : string? = 'N/A
  dateRestrict : string? = 'N/A
  exactTerms : string? = 'N/A
  excludeTerms : string? = 'N/A
  fileType : string? = 'N/A
  gl : string? = 'N/A
  highRange : string? = 'N/A
  hl : string? = 'N/A
  hq : string? = 'N/A
  imgColorType : string? = 'N/A
  imgDominantColor : string? = 'N/A
  imgSize : string? = 'N/A
  imgType : string? = 'N/A
  linkSite : string? = 'N/A
  lowRange : string? = 'N/A
  orTerms : string? = 'N/A
  relatedSite : string? = 'N/A
  rights : string? = 'N/A
  safe : string? = 'N/A
  searchType : string? = 'N/A
  siteSearch : string? = 'N/A
  siteSearchFilter : string? = 'N/A
  c2coff : string? = 'N/A
  googlehost : string? = 'N/A
  lr : string? = 'N/A
  num : string? = 'N/A
  alt : string? = 'N/A
  fields : string? = 'N/A
  key : string? = (api-key)
  oauth_token : string? = 'N/A
  prettyPrint : string? = 'N/A
  quotaUser : string? = 'N/A
  userIp : string? = 'N/A
Returns metadata about the search performed, metadata about the custom search engine used for the search, and the search results.

q: Query

sort: The sort expression to apply to the results

filter: Controls turning on or off the duplicate content filter.

start: The index of the first result to return

cr: Country restrict(s).

cref: The URL of a linked custom search engine

cx: The custom search engine ID to scope this search query

dateRestrict: Specifies all search results are from a time period

exactTerms: Identifies a phrase that all documents in the search results must contain

excludeTerms: Identifies a word or phrase that should not appear in any documents in the search results

fileType: Returns images of a specified type. Some of the allowed values are: bmp, gif, png, jpg, svg, pdf, ...

gl: Geolocation of end user.

highRange: Creates a range in form as_nlo value..as_nhi value and attempts to append it to query

hl: Sets the user interface language.

hq: Appends the extra query terms to the query.

imgColorType: Returns black and white, grayscale, or color images: mono, gray, and color.

imgDominantColor: Returns images of a specific dominant color: yellow, green, teal, blue, purple, pink, white, gray, black and brown.

imgSize: Returns images of a specified size, where size can be one of: icon, small, medium, large, xlarge, xxlarge, and huge.

imgType: Returns images of a type, which can be one of: clipart, face, lineart, news, and photo.

linkSite: Specifies that all search results should contain a link to a particular URL

lowRange: Creates a range in form as_nlo value..as_nhi value and attempts to append it to query

orTerms: Provides additional search terms to check for in a document, where each document in the search results must contain at least one of the additional search terms

relatedSite: Specifies that all search results should be pages that are related to the specified URL

rights: Filters based on licensing. Supported values include: cc_publicdomain, cc_attribute, cc_sharealike, cc_noncommercial, cc_nonderived and combinations of these.

safe: Search safety level

searchType: Specifies the search type: image.

siteSearch: Specifies all search results should be pages from a given site

siteSearchFilter: Controls whether to include or exclude results from the site named in the as_sitesearch parameter

c2coff: Turns off the translation between zh-CN and zh-TW.

googlehost: The local Google domain to use to perform the search.

lr: The language restriction for the search results

num: Number of search results to return