#lang setup/infotab

(define name "MySQL Client Library")

(define blurb
  '("The MySQL Client Library provides access to MySQL databases via TCP."))

(define primary-file "")

(define categories '(net))

(define can-be-loaded-with 'all)

(define repositories '("4.x"))

(define scribblings '(("scribblings/manual.scrbl" (multi-page))))

(define release-notes '((p "Version 1.4: fixed a bug in NULL handling. (Thanks to David Banks for the bug report.)")
                        (p "Version 1.3: fixed result-set-field-names.  (Thanks to Changying Li for the bug report.)")
                        (p "Version 1.2: documentation fixes.")
                        (p "Version 1.1: working through scribble documentation problems.")
                        (p "Version 1.0: initial release.")))