1 Values
2 Graphics


 (require (planet jeeve/markets))
This basic library provided client web service and graphics to follow financial markets evolution.

1 Values

(market-value stock-symbol)  number?
  stock-symbol : string?

Returns the value of quote (in live). Example about CAC40 indice:

> (market-value "^FCHI")

Returns -1 if stock symbol not found or web service connection failed.

You can find a list of US stock symbols here: Stock symbols

2 Graphics

(market-graph stock-symbol)  any/c
  stock-symbol : string?

Graphic evolution of one quote market. Default time scale is one hour (3600 s).

> (market-graph "^DJA")

(markets-dashboard stock-symbols)  any/c
  stock-symbols : (listof (listof string?))

This function displays graphic quotes in rows and columns disposition. Each sublist is a row.

> (markets-dashboard '(("^FCHI" "^GDAXI") ("^DJA" "^NYA")))

You can parameterize axis scale:

(parameterize ([delta-x (* 2 3600)] ; 2 hours in x axis
               [delta-y 0.01]) ; 1% in y axis
  (markets-dashboard '(("^FCHI" "^GDAXI"))))