(require "../../xml.ss"

(define tech-report-css
   (body (font-family "sans-serif")
         (font-size "11pt")
         (color "black")
         (background-color "#ffffff")
         (margin-top "2em")
         (margin-left "8%")
         (margin-right "8%"))
   (a:link (color "#336666"))
   (a:visited (color "#336666"))
   (a:active (color "#336666"))
   (h1 (margin-top ".5em")
       (font-size "13pt")
       (color "#006699"))
   ((h2 h3 h4 h5 h6) (margin-top ".5em")
                     (font-size "11pt")
                     (color "#006699"))
   (.bwgreen (color "#00cc00"))
   (.bwblue (color "#006699"))
   (.title (font-size "200%"))
   (.partheading (font-size "90%"))
   (.chapterheading (font-size "90%"))
   (pre (margin-left "2em"))
   ((// ol) (list-style-type "decimal"))
   ((// ol ol) (list-style-type "lower-alpha"))
   ((// ol ol ol) (list-style-type "lower-roman"))
   ((// ol ol ol ol) (list-style-type "upper-alpha"))
   ((// .scheme) (color "brown")
                 (font-size "10pt"))
   ((// .scheme .keyword) (color "black")
                          (font-weight "bold")
                          (font-size "10pt"))
   ((// .scheme .builtin) (color "#990000")
                          (font-size "10pt"))
   ((// .scheme .variable) (color "navy")
                           (font-size "10pt"))
   ((// .scheme .global) (color "purple")
                         (font-size "10pt"))
   ((// .scheme .selfeval) (color "green")
                         (font-size "10pt"))
   ((// .scheme .comment) (color "teal")
                         (font-size "10pt"))
   ((// .scheme .schemeresponse) (color "green")
                         (font-size "10pt"))
   ((// .scheme .builtin) (color "#990000")
                         (font-size "10pt"))
   (.navigation (color "red")
                (text-align "right")
                (font-style "italic"))
   (.disable (color "gray"))
   (.smallcaps (font-size "75%"))
   (.smallprint (color "gray")
                (font-size "75%")
                (text-align "right"))
    (text-align "left")
    (width "40%"))
   (.collophon (color "gray")
               (font-size "80%")
               (font-style "italic")
               (text-align "right"))
   ((// .collophon a) (color "gray"))

(define code-fact
  "; tree recursive version of the factorial function
(define (fact n)
  (if (< n 2)
      (* n (fact (- n 1)))))

(define code-1
  "(with-output-to-file \"example.txt\"
  (lambda ()
    (display \"Testing strings \\\"with\\\" quotes.\")
    (display \"This sentence includes a \\n (a backslash-n).\")))

(define code-2
"`(p (a (@ (href ,url))

(define code-3
"(list #\\! 'a #\\space #(1 2 3) #\\311 #t #f)")

(define code-4
   A block comment...
   The definition below illustrates syntax-coloring for a literal box.
(define a-box #&(1 2 3))")

(with-output-to-file "example.html"
  (lambda ()
    (write-xml (h4:html (h4:head (h4:title "Demo of Syntax-coloring in HTML")
                                 (h4:style h4:type: "text/css" tech-report-css))
                         (h4:p "Below is the factorial function, with syntax-coloring:")
                         (scm-prog->html code-fact)
                         (h4:p "More Examples:")
                         (h4:p "Expression with string constants:")
                         (scm-prog->html code-1)
                         (h4:p "A quasiquote expression:")
                         (scm-prog->html code-2)
                         (h4:p "Test of octothorpe lexical notations:")
                         (scm-prog->html code-3)
                         (h4:p "Test of block comments:")
                         (scm-prog->html code-4)
                         (h4:p "Generated by WebIt!.")))