1 Princesses
2 Thought Bubbles
3 Castles
4 Wishing Wells
well+ sign
well+ sign*
5 Things to Wish For
6 Fairy Tale Movie
7 Playing the Movie

Princesses for Slideshow

The mflatt/princess libraries provide picts and constructors for princesses, thought bubbles, castles, wishing wells, and a few other items. The (planet mflatt/princess/play-movie) library is a slideshow program that uses those elements for a fairy tale, which was the start of an conferenec talk about Scribble.

1 Princesses

 (require (planet mflatt/princess/princess))

(make-princess [#:side side    
  #:rotate angle    
  #:dress dress-color    
  #:hair hair-color    
  #:pen-width pen-width    
  #:arm-angle arm-angle    
  #:leg-angle leg-angle    
  #:front-arm-angle front-arm-angle]    
  #:smile? smile?    
  [#:shake shake    
  #:clip-body clip-body    
  #:clip-dx clip-dx    
  #:clip-dy clip-dy])  pict?
  side : (or/c 'front 'right 'left) = 'front
  angle : real? = 0.0
  dress-color : (or/c string? (is-a?/c color%)) = "pink"
  hair-color : (or/c string? (is-a?/c color%)) = "yellow"
  pen-width : real? = 1
  arm-angle : real? = 0.0
  leg-angle : real? = 0.0
  front-arm-angle : real? = 0.0
  smile? : #t
  shake : real? = 0.0
  clip-body : (or/c #f (is-a?/c region%)) = #f
  clip-dx : real? = 0
  clip-dy : real? = 0
Returns a pict for a princess – either facing forward, to the right, or to the left, depending on side.

Most arguments are self-explanatory, except for

2 Thought Bubbles

 (require (planet mflatt/princess/thought))

(thought base    
  [#:wrap-thought wrap-thought])  pict?
  base : pict?
  from : pict?
  to : pict?
  grow-n : (real-in 0.0 1.0)
  gone-n : (real-in 0.0 1.0)
  wrap-thought : (pict? . -> . pict?) = values
Pins a thought balloon under base, where from is the thinker and to is the thinkee to have a thought balloon under it.

The grow-n argument can range from 0.0 to 1.0, where 0.0 is when from is about to start thinking, 1.0 is when the thought is fully formed, and intermediate points have the thought bubble fading in. The gone-n argument starts at 0.0 with the thought intact, and then pops away as gone-n changes to 1.0. (The gone-n value should be 0.0 if grow-n is less than 1.0.)

The wrap-thought procedure can be used to adjust just the thought-bubble pict before it is pinned under base for the result.

3 Castles

 (require (planet mflatt/princess/castle))

A pink and purple castle.

Corresponds to the window in castle.

4 Wishing Wells

 (require (planet mflatt/princess/well))

A wishing well.

A sign for a wishing well.

A combination of well and sign.

(well+sign* fade-n)  pict?
  fade-n : real?
A combination of well and sign, using fade-n to control the opacity of the sign; (well+sign* 1.0) is the same as well+sign.

The pict that is the “1” in sign, which is useful for finding its relative location.

5 Things to Wish For

 (require (planet mflatt/princess/things))

A fish bowl with a goldfish.

Three scoops.

Princess-cut, of course.

6 Fairy Tale Movie

 (require (planet mflatt/princess/movie))

Registers slides to play the Three Princesses movie. The movie pauses at various points (advance with space bar or arrow) so that the speaker can control the pace.

7 Playing the Movie

 (require (planet mflatt/princess/play-movie))

Calls movie-slides.