9P: Plan9 Network Filesystem

    1 Basic Data Structures

      1.1 File Information

      1.2 Operation Modes

      1.3 Packings

    2 Error Handling

      2.1 Filesystem Exceptions

      2.2 Error Messages

    3 Common Interfaces

    4 Client

      4.1 Filesystem

      4.2 File Handles

      4.3 Additional Utilities

    5 Server

      5.1 Supporting Data Structures

      5.2 Filesystem

      5.3 Files and Handles

      5.4 Additional Utilities

    6 Low-level Network Layer

      6.1 Protocol Messages

        6.1.1 Messages

        6.1.2 Input and Output

        6.1.3 Packings

      6.2 Event Loops

    7 License

 (require (planet "main.rkt" ("murphy" "9p.plt" 2 0)))
Allows you to access and provide 9P network filesystems over TCP through an object oriented interface. Depending on which side of the protocol you want to speak, you probably want to import the "client.rkt" or "server.rkt" modules instead of the "main.rkt" module. The main module only re-exports data structure definitions from "data.rkt", "exception.rkt" and common interfaces from "interface.rkt".
For usage examples refer to the sources "example/hello-server.rkt" and "example/hello-client.rkt".