Combinator Based Binary Input and Output

    1 Generic Interface

      1.1 Packing Structure

      1.2 Packed I/O

      1.3 Packed Byte Strings

    2 Numeric Packings

      2.1 Endianness Controls

      2.2 Integers

      2.3 Reals

      2.4 Derived Types

    3 Chunk Packings

      3.1 Sizes and Counts

      3.2 Blocks of Unlimited Packed Size

      3.3 Derived Types

    4 List Packings

      4.1 Pairs and Lists

      4.2 Derived Types

    5 License

 (require (planet murphy/packed-io))
Facilities to read and write packed binary data according to a format specification created using combinators.
The main module re-exports all bindings from the other modules.