Version: 5.2.1

Protocol Buffers: Portable Data Serialization

    1 Reflection

    2 Syntax

    3 Encoding

    4 License

 (require (planet murphy/protobuf))
Facilities to read and write Protocol Buffers in binary format. The basic message type is re-exported from the reflection module.

(deserialize type [in])  any/c
  type : struct-type?
  in : input-port? = (current-input-port)
Read an instance of type encoded in protocol buffer format from the port in. type must represent a protocol buffer message type.

(serialize v [out])  void?
  v : struct?
  out : output-port? = (current-output-port)
Write v to the port out, encoding it in protocol buffer format. v must be an instance of a protocol buffer message type.