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Version: 4.2.1

4.6 Filesystem Roots

_fs-root : ctype?
_fs-root/null : ctype?
C pointer type representing file system root objects.

(fs-root? obj)  any
  obj : any/c
Checks whether the given obj is a file system root object.

(fs-rev-root fs rev)  fs-root?
  fs : fs?
  rev : exact-nonnegative-integer?
Retrieves the root of revision rev in fs. Data can be read from files via a revision root, but they are immutable.

(fs-txn-root txn)  fs-root?
  txn : fs-txn?
Retrieves the root of the transaction txn. Data can be read from and written to files via a transaction root. When the transaction is committed, data written to files becomes visible outside the transaction in a new revision.

(fs-txn-root? root)  boolean?
  root : fs-root?
Checks whether the given file system root is a transaction root.

(fs-txn-root-name root)  (or/c bytes? #f)
  root : fs-root?
Retrieves the binary name of the transaction to which the given root belongs. If the root is not a transaction root, the procedure returns #f.

(fs-root-fs root)  fs?
  root : fs-root?
Retrieves the file system to which the given root belongs.