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Version: 4.2.1

2.1 Error Handling

(struct (exn:fail:svn exn:fail) (status child location))
  status : exact-integer?
  child : (or/c exn:fail:svn? #f)
  location : (or/c srcloc? #f)
Exception type raised by failing Subversion procedures. The status fields contains a status code classifying the error, the child fields may point to another error that caused this one and the location field may contain information designating the source code position where the error originated.

_error : ctype?
_error/null : ctype?
C pointer type returned by most native Subversion procedures. Describes an error, if applicable.

(error? obj)  any
  obj : any/c
Checks whether the given obj is a Subversion error pointer.

(check-error source error)  any
  source : any/c
  error : (or/c error? #f)
Checks the given error return value from a native Subversion procedure. If the error pointer describes an error, the procedure raises an exception of type exn:fail:svn with the given source information prepended to the error message.

Destroys the given error object, if necessary.

This procedure is unsafe.