Host bound Serial Numbers

This module provides a host based serial number. The serial numbers are generated from hardware serial numbers. E.g. mac addresses or harddisk serial numbers. No assumptions can be made about the serial numbers, although they may currently look suspiciously like mac adresses ;-).

Host Serial Numbers stay the same while the hardware stays the same. There can be several host serial numbers at the same time, which can be retrieved through (host-possible-serial-numbers.


(host-primary-serial-number) : string

Returns the current primary serial number for this host, or #f is no serial number can be determined.

(host-serial-number . previous) : string

Returns (previous), if (previous) is part of the possible serial numbers.

Returns (host-primary-serial-number) if previous has not been given.

Returns (host-primary-serial-number) if previous cannot be found in the possible serial numbers.

(valid-serial-number-for-this-host? N) : boolean

Returns #t, if the given number N is part of the possible serial numbers for this host; #f otherwise.

(host-possible-serial-numbers) : list of string

Returns all possible serial numbers of this host, or the empty list if no serial numbers can be determined.