class spodwiki-bot


With this class, one can upload SPOD pages to a spodwiki site


 > (require (lib "spodwiki-bot.scm" "webbot")
 > (define x (spodwiki-bot ""))
 > (define p (-> x post-page "abc" #f #t (build-path "roos_manual.pod")))
 > (read-string 1000000 p)

Super classes

Constructor: (spodwiki-bot _wiki-url)

Arguments: _wiki-url:<string>

Public members

(post-page pagename is-kwiki enable-toc text-or-path)

With this member, a page can be posted.

Input parameters :

pagename     :  The name of the page (can contain spaces).
is-kwiki     :  This page consists only of kwiki wiki code (i.e. no SPOD involved.
enable-toc   :  #t, generate table of contents; #f don't.
text-or-path :  If (path? text-or-path , the contents of that file are posted; otherwise the given text.

Returns          :  <input-port> which can be read for the (html) result of the http server.