#lang setup/infotab

(define name "MrEd Designer")
(define blurb
     "Create Racket GUIs, WYSIWYG."
      (li "User's documentation: "
          (a ((href ""))
      (li "Developer's documentation: "
          (a ((href ""))
(define primary-file "")
(define categories '(devtools misc ui))
(define homepage "")
(define required-core-version "4.2.4")
;(define version "3.3")
(define repositories '("4.x"))
(define release-notes 
     (li "changed: images (files) are *always* relative to project base directory, except if the project has never been saved.")
     (li "added: runtime-paths? property for projects: if checked, all files (like images) in the generated code are defined as runtime-paths.")
     (li "added: images are loaded with 'unknown/mask for transparency on buttons and messages")
     (li "changed: ids are not provided by default, except for frames and dialogs")