Version: 5.0.2

Read Only Text

Sam Anklesaria

 (require ft-read-only-text)

This module is meant for use with the frtime language. It defines an editor that can have its contents set reactively, but not interactively.

ft-read-only-text% : class?

  superclass: text%

  extends: editor<%>

(new ft-read-only-text% [text text] 
  [[line-spacing line-spacing] 
  [tab-stops tab-stops] 
  [auto-wrap auto-wrap]]) 
  (is-a?/c ft-read-only-text%)
  text : behavior?
  line-spacing : (and/c real? (not/c negative?)) = 1.0
  tab-stops : (listof real?) = null
  auto-wrap : any/c = #t
The text argument takes an behavior carrying the text to use at any time.

(send a-ft-read-only-text set-text text)  void?
  text : string?
Sets the entire text to the given string.