#lang setup/infotab
  (define name "picturing-programs")
  (define categories '(media))
  (define can-be-loaded-with 'all)
  (define required-core-version "4.2.4")
  (define primary-file "") ; was
  (define scribblings '(("doc.scrbl" ())))
  (define repositories '("4.x"))
  (define blurb
      `("The picturing-programs collection supersedes the tiles and sb-world collections.  It provides functions to rotate, reflect, concatenate, etc. images, as well as a slightly modified version of the universe teachpack."))
  (define release-notes '(
(p "Version 1.6: fixed same transparency bug for 4.2.4")
(p "Version 1.5: fixed same transparency bug for 4.2.3")
(p "Version 1.4: fixed transparency bug for 4.2.2")
(p "Version 1.3: initial release, for DrScheme 4.2.4")
(p "Version 1.2: initial release, for DrScheme 4.2.3")
(p "Version 1.1: initial release, for DrScheme 4.2.2")))