#lang setup/infotab
  (define name "sb-world")
  (define categories '(media))
  (define help-desk-message
    "Mz/Mr: (require (planet sbloch/sb-world))")
  (define can-be-loaded-with 'all)
  (define scribblings '(("functions.scrbl" ())))
  (define primary-file "") ; was
  (define repositories '("4.x"))
  (define blurb
      `("The sb-world collection provides an alternative API for
animations, similar to the bundled \"world\" teachpack but more
functional and less imperative."))
  (define required-core-version "4.2.2")
  (define release-notes '((p "1.6: fix to work with DrScheme 4.2.2, and
fixed a bug in place-image.")
			  (p "1.5: fix to work with DrScheme 4.2")
			  (p "1.4: Corrected some documentation; added key-event? and key=?.")))