Instaweb : Instant Web Publishing Tool

Instaweb : Instant Web Publishing Tool

By Noel Welsh (noelwelsh at yahoo dot com) 

This manual documents Instaweb version 1.0
Time-stamp: <06/03/12 20:20:57 noel>

Keywords: _instaweb_, _servlet_, _internet_, _web_


Instaweb is a simple tool that makes it easier to run
servlets in the PLT web server.

It does the following:

  - configures the web server to run a single servlet

  - runs the web server in a handy interactive shell


Simply require the instaweb library, and call the function
instaweb with the name of the servlet you want to run, and
the port number to run the web server on.  The servlet must
be in the current directory.


  (require (planet "" ("schematics" "instaweb.plt")))
  (instaweb "" 5678)


The web server requires servlets live in a directory called
servlets.  Hence instaweb creates this directory and copies
your servlet to it.  This means if your servlet requires any
modules using relative paths those modules probably won't be
found.  To get around this put your support modules into a
collection that you install via a .plt or Planet.  Then
require them with the (lib ...)  or (planet ...) form as

Instaweb doesn't and cleans up after itself.  This is a
deliberate decision as you'll probably want to populate the
web root directories with static files etc. over time.