XML-RPC Library

_XML-RPC_ Library

By Matt Jadud and Noel Welsh
An Untyped Production

Time-stamp: <06/01/04 15:34:39 nhw>

Keywords: _xml_, _xmlrpc_, _xml-rpc_


This library implements the XML-RPC protocol as specified at

XML-RPC is a popular protocol for interface to Internet
services such as blog engines.

To use the library, require 

Basic Types

> struct (exn:xmlrpc exn) : ()

A subtype of exn, this exception is raised whenever the
XML-RPC library encounters an error.

> struct (exn:xmlrpc exn) : code
A subtype of exn:xmlrpc, this exception is raised when the
XML-RPC server responds to the client with a fault.  The
code is an integer containing the fault code returned by the
server.  The fault message returned by the server is
contained in the exception message (which is a field in the
exn type).


> xmlrpc-server : string integer string -> (string -> (any ... -> any))
> xmlrpc-server : url -> (string -> (any ... -> any))

Returns a function configured to make XML-RPC requests to
the given URL.  The function accepts a string, the name of
the method, and returns a function of any arguments which
calls the method with the given arguments.


This example calls the examples.getStateName method on the

  > (define betty (xmlrpc-server "" 80 "RPC2"))
  > (define get-state-name (betty "examples.getStateName"))
  > (get-state-name 42)