Version: 5.0.1

2 Chebyshev Integral and Friends

  (require (planet "chebyshev.rkt" ("slowthought" "my-planet.plt" 1 1)))
This module provides functions related to the evaluation of Chebyshev integrals

plus a few generally helpful functions.
(chebyshev-integral p q)  procedure?
  p : int?
  q : 
(and/c int?
       (>/c -1))
evaluates the Chebyshev integral using integration by parts to produce a function of x. Because of the technique used, p and q are limited to integers, and q must be non-negative.
(eval-over-range a b f)  number?
  a : number?
  b : number?
  f : procedure?
returns f(b) - f(a), as when evaluating a definite integral. Since the chebyshev-integral assumes the integral constant is zero, a typical use of these two functions might be something like
  (let [(f (chebyshev-integral 1 2))]
    (eval-over-range 0 1 f))
(x^y x y)  number?
  x : number?
  y : number?
returns xy.