This is a collection of functions I've found useful for
functional programming tasks.  The most useful is PARTIALX
(short-name PLX) which partially applies a function to any
number of arguments at any point of it's argument list.

	  (plx + 10 #f) 
	  (list 0 1 2 3 4)) -> (10 11 12 13 14)
I've found this method of constructing functions on the
fly, so to speak, very useful and so I've decided to share
it with the community after using it myself for a few months.

Good for the "visitor pattern".  Please let me know about
any bugs, weirdnesses or generally unschemely things.  I am
still somewhat new to the language.

    (partiall fun val) 
	partially applies fun to val, val fixing the
	left-most argument to fun

    (partialr fun val)
	 partially applies fun to val, val fixing the right most argument to fun

    (make-arg-list null-symbol curried-args partial-list) 
	 constructs the argument list to be passed to a function which has
	 been partially evaluated.

	 PARTIAL-LIST is the list of arguments passed to the PARTIALX
	 procedure where some elements are equal to NULL-SYMBOL,
	 indicating that they should be replaced by CURRIED-ARGS in the
	 same order.

	 NULL-SYMBOL is either a symbol or false indicating which
	 arguments in PARTIAL-LIST are provided by the partially applied
	 CURRIED-ARGS are the
	 arguments to put in the slots of PARTIAL-LIST see also: PARTIALX

    (partialx fun arg-or#f ...)  
	partially applies fun to the
    arguments, leaving "unfixed" arguments which are false.

	 (partialx sym fun arg-or-sym ...)  partially applies fun to the
	 arguments leaving "unfixed" all the values equal to sim.
	  (partialx + 10 #f) 
	  (list 0 1 2 3 4)) -> (10 11 12 13 14)
	  (partialx 'tail string-append "dogs" 'tail) 
      (list "are awesome" "are not awesome")) 
      -> ("dogs are awesome" "dogs are not awesome") 
	  For convenience, a nickname is provided via PLX,
	  which is just this function.

    (fix f arg0)
	 Repeatedly applies f to arg (and subsequent results)
     until two successive results are equal by "eq?".
    (fix f arg0 predicate)
	 like above but uses PREDICATE for equality.

    (map-apply f list)
     equivalent to (map (plx apply f #f) list)