#lang scheme/base

(require scheme/runtime-path
         (planet schematics/sake:1))

(define-runtime-path here ".")

(define owner   "untyped")
(define package "instaservlet.plt")
;; Major and minor version numbers for this code.  I.e. the
;; version numbers it will have when it is released.
(define major 1)
(define minor 7)

(define-task compile
  (action:compile ""))

(define-task test
  (action:test "" 'instaservlet-tests))

;; planet-install doesn't run the tests as they require user
;; intervention, and we want to fully automate the
;; installation process
(define-task planet-install
  (add-hard-link owner package major minor here)
  (when (file-exists? "instaservlet.plt")
    (delete-file "instaservlet.plt"))
  (action:planet-archive here)
  (remove-hard-link owner package major minor)
  (action:planet-install owner package major minor))

(define-task all

(define-task default