(module info (lib "" "setup")
  (define name "Science")
  (define blurb
    (list "A collection of modules that provide functions for numerical computing."))
  (define release-notes
    (list "Version 2.8 updates the random source routines once again.  The SRFI implementation "
          "was changed again to be compatible with the old interface.  Unchecked versions of "
          "many functions are no provided.  These bypass the contract check are are used "
          "internally where it is known that the contract will be met."))
  (define categories '(scientific))
  (define doc.txt "doc.txt")
  (define html-docs (list "html"))
  (define primary-file "")
  (define version "2.8")
  (define compile-subcollections
    (list (list "special-functions")
          (list "random-distributions")))