Science Collection

Science Collection
Version 4.0

  The Science Collection is a collection of modules that provide functions for
numerical computing. The structure of the Science Collection and many of the
underlying algorithms were inspired by the GNU Scientific Library (GSL). The
functions are written entirely in Racket and present a true Racket look-and-feel
throughout. The source code is distributed with the Science Collection and
licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), Version 3.

  The motivation behind the Science Collection is to provide a numerical frame-
work for knowledge-based simulation in Racket. Indeed, many of the routines were
originally developed as part of the Simulation Collection. It was noted that
that much of the functionality (e.g. random number generation, random distribu-
tions, histograms, and statistics) did not depend on, or could be separated
from, the underlying simulation engine. When this was done, it was further noted
that this functionality represented a subset of the functionality in the GSL. At
that point, it was decided to use the structure, and to the extent practical,
the algorithms of the GSL as a reference model. Thus, the Science Collection was

  The Science Collection covers a range of topics in numerical computing.
Functions are available for the following areas:

    * Mathematical Constants and Functions
    * Special Functions
    * Fast Fourier Transforms
    * Random Number Generation
    * Random Distributions
    * Statistics
    * Histograms
    * Ordinary Differential Equations
    * Chebyshev Approximations
    * Physical Constants

  The complete reference manual for the Science Collection is available in HTML
format in the Racket Help Desk or the PLaneT web site.  Or, you can contact the
author at for a copy.