A Linear Algebra Library for PLT Scheme

This document describes the "plt-linalg.plt" PLaneT package. This package provides linear-algebra procedures based on underlying native BLAS and LAPACK libraries.

The library makes a reasonable effort to find the BLAS and LAPACK libraries that are installed on your system, but this can fail if they are in a non-standard place. If so, you should modify the search paths in "blas-lapack.ss"; if you do, please contact Will M. Farr with the updated search paths so they can be added to the library and benefit other users.

This library uses the older, reference implementation of SRFI-42, which you can access using (require srfi/42ref) instead of (require srfi/42). (This is required because of some syntax certificate errors that occur in the new library.)

The "plt-linalg.plt" package is released under the GPL Version 2 (see the file "COPYING" in the collection directory for more information). If you find any bugs, or have feature requests, please contact Will M. Farr.