#| Library locations for BLAS/LAPACK.
Copyright (C) 2007 Will M. Farr <>

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.

#| Special thanks to Noel Welsh, who contributed the library-searching
code below. |#

(module blas-lapack mzscheme
  (require (lib "")
           (lib "" "srfi" "1"))
  (define-unsafer blas-lapack-unsafe!)
  (provide *blas* *lapack*
           _cblas-order _cblas-transpose _cblas-uplo
           _cblas-diag _cblas-side)
  ;; search-paths : (listof string)
  (define search-paths
    (case (system-type)
        "/home/pg/nhw/data/lib" ;;;; NB: NHW specific
  (define default-path "")
  ;; lib-blas : (listof string)
  ;; Possible names for the BLAS library
  (define lib-blas
    (case (system-type)
      [(macosx) '("libBLAS")]
      [(unix)  '("libcblas" "libgslcblas")]))
  ;; lib-lapack : (listof string)
  ;; Possible names for the LAPACK library
  (define lib-lapack
    (case (system-type)
      [(macosx) '("libLAPACK")]
      [(unix)  '("liblapack")]))
  (define (string-empty? s)
    (= (string-length s) 0))
  ;; base-paths : (listof (U path string))
  (define base-paths
    (filter (lambda (path)
              (and (not (string-empty? path))
                   (directory-exists? path)))
            (append search-paths (list default-path))))
  (define (build-path* . paths-or-empty)
    (apply build-path (filter (lambda (p-or-e) (not (string-empty?
                                                     p-or-e))) paths-or-empty)))
  (define (find-libraries-that-exist names search-paths)
    (let ([found
           (remove not
                    (lambda (name)
                      (map (lambda (search-path)
                                 ([exn? (lambda (exn) #f)])
                               (ffi-lib (build-path* search-path name))))
      (if (null? found)
           (format "Could not find any of ~a under paths ~a~n" names
  (define *blas* (car (find-libraries-that-exist lib-blas base-paths)))
  (define *lapack* (car (find-libraries-that-exist lib-lapack base-paths)))
  (define _cblas-order (_enum '(row-major = 101 col-major = 102)))
  (define _cblas-transpose (_enum '(no-trans = 111 trans = 112 conj-trans = 113 atlas-conj = 114)))
  (define _cblas-uplo (_enum '(upper = 121 lower = 122)))
  (define _cblas-diag (_enum '(non-unit = 131 unit = 132)))
  (define _cblas-side (_enum '(left = 141 right = 142)))
  (define-for-syntax (append-to-syntax-object stx . objs)
    (let ((strings (map (lambda (obj)
                            ((symbol? obj) (symbol->string obj))
                            ((syntax? obj) (symbol->string (syntax-object->datum obj)))
                            (else obj)))
      (datum->syntax-object stx
                             (apply string-append strings)))))
  (define-syntax (define-blas stx)
    (syntax-case stx ()
      ((define-blas name args ...)
       (with-syntax ((_TAGvector (datum->syntax-object stx '_TAGvector))
                     (TAGvector-length (datum->syntax-object stx 'TAGvector-length))
                     (_type (datum->syntax-object stx '_type))
                     (sname (append-to-syntax-object stx 's (syntax name)))
                     (cblas_sname (append-to-syntax-object stx 'cblas_s (syntax name)))
                     (dname (append-to-syntax-object stx 'd (syntax name)))
                     (cblas_dname (append-to-syntax-object stx 'cblas_d (syntax name))))
         (syntax/loc stx
             (provide* (unsafe sname))
             (define sname
               (let ((_TAGvector _f32vector)
                     (TAGvector-length f32vector-length)
                     (_type _float))
                 (get-ffi-obj 'cblas_sname *blas*
                              (_fun args ...)
                              (lambda ()
                                (lambda x
                                  (error 'blas (string-append "function "
                                                              (symbol->string 'cblas_sname)
                                                              " not found in blas library.")))))))
             (provide* (unsafe dname))
             (define dname
               (let ((_TAGvector _f64vector)
                     (TAGvector-length f64vector-length)
                     (_type _double*))
                 (get-ffi-obj 'cblas_dname *blas*
                              (_fun args ...)
                              (lambda ()
                                (lambda x
                                  (error 'blas (string-append "function "
                                                              (symbol->string 'cblas_dname)
                                                              " not found in blas library.")))))))))))))
  (define-blas dot _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _type)
  (define-blas nrm2 _int _TAGvector _int -> _type)
  (define-blas asum _int _TAGvector _int -> _type)
  (define-blas swap _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas copy _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas axpy _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas scal _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas gemv _cblas-order _cblas-transpose _int _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas gbmv _cblas-order _cblas-transpose _int _int _int _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas trmv _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _cblas-diag _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas tbmv _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _cblas-diag _int _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas tpmv _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _cblas-diag _int _TAGvector _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas trsv _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _cblas-diag _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas tbsv _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _cblas-diag _int _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas tpsv _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _cblas-diag _int _TAGvector _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas symv _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas sbmv _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _int _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas spmv _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _int _type _TAGvector _TAGvector _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas ger _cblas-order _int _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas syr _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas spr _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector -> _void)
  (define-blas syr2 _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas spr2 _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _int _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int _TAGvector -> _void)
  (define-blas gemm _cblas-order _cblas-transpose _cblas-transpose _int _int _type _TAGvector _int
    _TAGvector _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas symm _cblas-order _cblas-side _cblas-uplo _int _int _type _TAGvector _int
    _TAGvector _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas syrk _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _int _int _type
    _TAGvector _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas syr2k _cblas-order _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _int _int _type _TAGvector
    _int _TAGvector _int _type _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas trmm _cblas-order _cblas-side _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _cblas-diag _int _int
    _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void)
  (define-blas trsm _cblas-order _cblas-side _cblas-uplo _cblas-transpose _cblas-diag _int _int
    _type _TAGvector _int _TAGvector _int -> _void))