SRFI-42 Comprehensions for SRFI-4 Vectors

_SRFI-42 Comprehensions for SRFI-4 Vectors_

The _srfi-4-comprehensions_ module defines _comprehensions_ and _generators_ (in the sense of _SRFI-42_) for the homogeneous numeric vectors of _SRFI-4_.  The syntax of these generators and comprehensions follows exactly the syntax of the _vector-ec_, _vector-of-length-ec_, and _:vector_ comprehensions and generator.  Include in your module using 

(require (planet "" ("wmfarr" "srfi-4-comprehensions.plt" 1 0))) 

The following comprehensions are provided:

> (s8vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (u8vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (s16vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (u16vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (s32vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (u32vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (s64vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (u64vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (f64vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (f32vector-ec <qualifier>* <expression>)

> (s8vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (u8vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (s16vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (u16vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (s32vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (u32vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (s64vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (u64vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (f64vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)
> (f32vector-of-length-ec <k> <qualifier>* <expression>)

And the following generators are provided:

> (:s8vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*) 
> (:u8vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*) 
> (:s16vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*) 
> (:u16vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*) 
> (:s32vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*)
> (:u32vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*) 
> (:s64vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*) 
> (:u64vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*) 
> (:f64vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*) 
> (:f32vector <vars> <arg1> <arg>*) 

The srfi-4-comprehensions module also re-provides all the identifiers and syntax from srfis 4 and 42---it doesn't make sense to use these comprehensions or generators without also including these modules.