#lang scheme/unit


;; (import op-quote^ op-jump^)  ;; FIXME: later

(export jump^)

 ;; Stubs for target label operations used in /
 ;; to build structured code graphs that allow
 ;; control flow analysis. This allows the forth control words
 ;; (that use only the 2nd stack) to be defined here, for use in
 ;; testing or any other use that doesn't need control flow
 ;; analysis and label management.
 ((sym)               ([qw (next-label)]))      ;; labels are symbols
 (([qw sym] label:)   ([label sym]))            ;; pseudo op.
 (([qw sym] >label)   ([qw sym]))
 (([cw sym] exit)     ([jw sym]))
 ((exit)              ([exit]))
 (([qw sym] jw)       ([jw sym]))
 (([qw sym] cw)       ([jw sym]))

 ((reachable) ())