#lang scheme/base

;; Creates a Scheme namespace object containing the PIC18 compiler and
;; basic infrastructure (a 'project').


 (all-from-out "")

(define-runtime-path pic18-module "../")
(define-runtime-path pic18-lib "../pic18/")

(define (make-pic18)
         (list pic18-module)))) ;; loads the PIC18 compiler module
    (forth-path pic18-lib)      ;; lib path for interactive load (*)

;; (*) Some important note. 'load' in Forth files means 'splice
;; file'. It is possible to use this in modules, but there it ONLY
;; uses relative file references. For the interactive mode
;; (incremental, non-declarative, single namespace), there is a load
;; path.

(make-prj make-pic18)